Verizon Media

Under the Verizon umbrella is their in-house creative company RYOT Studio. Their offering of creative content informed by their access to third party proprietary data is enriched by targeted distribution via the Verizon collection of online brands.

This complex offering needed to be communicated in an engaging way, so Swamp Motel created the RYOT Studio Tour. Initially taking place in London but since transferring to New York City and Sydney, audiences were initially invited to a humdrum tour of RYOT’s new offices. But after a fire alarm lead them to a secret entrance, they stepped into the ‘real’ RYOT Studio: an underground, techo-wonderland.

Tasked with taking a brief through the creative process, audiences visited RYOT’s core departments, meeting the characters that work there and learning about their unique methodology and approach.

Over 600 people passed through the various tours, which went on to win Best Brand Experience at the 2018 Campaign Event Awards. RYOT’s briefs received in the wake of the activation increased by 150%.

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