Resident Evil 2

For the launch of the chilling reimagining of the classic survival horror adventure, Capcom wanted to appeal to an audience beyond traditional gamers.

Swamp Motel recreated the nightmarish Raccoon City Police Department. Audiences had to brave its horrors in order to reach the Safe House - an immersive bar and rallying point for survivors, serving themed cocktails and a viral antidote drink containing real blood.

Part escape room, part immersive horror movie and drenched in screams, survivors battled their way past doomed police officers, logic puzzles and the marauding undead in an experience fraught with scares, intrigue and adrenaline-pumping storytelling.

Over 750 audience members braved the experience which sold out in 15 minutes. Even more survivors visited the bar independently. Critics and fans alike praised the experience and footage captured received over 200K views in the first week and was covered in The Daily Express, Gamingible, The Metro, PlayStation Access and GAME .

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