LADbible Group

For their keynote speech at Most Contagious 2018, LADbible Group wanted to do something a little different to stamp their identity onto proceedings and drive footfall into the nearby LADbible takeover room, turning the traditional sizzle reel into a live Sizzle Real.

Swamp Motel created the character and ‘Head of Marketing’ Karina Liantara (an anagram of Arian Kalantari, LADbible’s co-founder). Karina’s speech was a deliberate disaster. She coughed, fluffed lines, suffered a technical failure and dropped her cue cards - all to attract attention before, via a live magic trick, choreographed rewinding - cards flying back into her hands, her movements reversed, the glitched video rewinding to begin again - seamless, punchy and with the audience now in on the joke and in the palm of her hand.

The video was accented with further live elements, kabuki drop flags from the ceiling, card fountains, and a surprise Domino’s pizza delivery from iconic footballer Jimmy Bullard.

One key aim of the activation was to drive traffic to an accompanying LADbible takeover space, which featured celebrity interviews, a creative workshop and office yoga.

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