Dishoom wanted to launch their new flagship restaurant in Kensington. Every Dishoom is built around a narrative and character which informs the design and inherent story of the site.

Swamp Motel bought this particular story and character to life, imposing a thrilling Bombay noir on the lovingly created art deco interior of the West London restaurant, turning it for three weeks into the fictional Bombay Roxy; home of reformed gangsters, bent policemen, escaped fugitives and dangerous women. Diners were treated to an evening of immersive narrative adventure, with gunshots, fistfights, live jazz, split storylines, audience involvement and a spectacular closing dance finale featuring performers, staff and guests.

A sell out audience of 2,394 diners were plunged into 1940’s Bombay in an event covered by over 130 publications including Time Out, The Independent, The Guardian and BBC Radio 2. 

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