Dinner Party

At Nonference 2018 as part of their takeover, RYOT Studio wanted to create an experience around the showing of their 360 VR film Dinner Party recounting the claims of an American couple in the 50’s that they had been abducted by aliens. Swamp Motel created an on-boarding and off-boarding experience for the film. Audiences were taken into a custom built cube - pitch black inside apart from the illumination provided by a genuine 50’s TV set. Sitting in egg chairs the audience watched an old quiz show featuring the real abductee - before it was interrupted by a mysterious broadcast that instructed them to outfit themselves with ‘space age’ equipment provided. They followed the on-screen instructions and kitted themselves with the VR equipment, catapulting them into the film in their headsets. When they removed the headset at the end of the film, they discovered that real world alterations had been made to their surroundings, nods to happenings in the film itself.

The viewings were booked out within the first hour and the activation worked brilliantly as a way to attract visitors to RYOT Studio’s takeover space.

Project image