Deloitte wanted help positioning themselves as leading experts in climate transformation, and came to us to create a tool designed to make important voices in business stop and listen when it came to planning a carbon neutral future.

Enter Net Zero invites users to step (or click) into the near future, via a bespoke interactive desktop. They roleplay as investors, and are tasked with exploring a host of resources - news articles, emails, radio segments, video calls from business contacts - in order to discover potential sustainable businesses for investment. At the end, they select which businesses to allocate money to, and see whether they have made the most sound environmental and financial decisions.

Enter Net Zero helps business people and many others have their ‘lightbulb moment’ on climate, to start truly understanding their impact and to see the changes we all need to make to create a net-zero future. The experience takes hard-hitting science and research, and translates it into an enjoyable, digestible 60-minute experience.

Enter Net Zero has been used with Deloitte clients, internal staff, and is now being rolled out through recruitment and other channels. A hybrid live/digital version of Enter Net Zero was delivered as part of Deloitte’s activity in Glasgow during COP26, and will soon be toured to Deloitte offices across the country.

Project image