For Halloween 2021, Beavertown wanted a thrilling, theatrical Halloween night for press, VIPs and consumers, to celebrate the opening of their new venue and the launch of their new lager Flesh in a shockingly original way.

We quite literally invaded The Corner Pin Pub in Tottenham, creating an immersive, narrative-driven alien encounter for one night only. Participants were welcomed to an alien crash site, complete with spaceship debris, swarming FBI agents and a gaggle of sinister other-wordly beings the guests interacted with - or hid from. They were guided through the floors of the pub, visiting a series of unsettling intergalactic environments occupied by alien life, including an alien egg hatching site, a cannibalistic kitchen, a psychic entity’s boudoir and a terrifying pop-up hospital from which one doomed audience member would never return, having been torn apart by hungry scavengers right in front of their friends.

The survivors were able to hurry down to the bar to exchange their blood - extracted by a helpful alien nurse - for a pint of Flesh and party the night away with even more friendly ‘visitors’.

Beavertown Pub Invasion was featured in over 30 top press articles including TimeOut, Loti and The Slice. The free event quickly sold out, with an ever-growing waiting list of people hopeful for a last minute ticket.

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