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Webby Awards 2023:
Advertising, Media & PR: Branded: Tourism & Leisure
Webby Awards 2023:
Websites & Mobile Sites: Travel & Lifestyle


In the aftermath of the pandemic, Las Vegas invested significantly in growing and further diversifying its already legendary entertainment offering.

Our challenge was to get “trip maximisers” to:

  • Increase propensity to visit Las Vegas in the next 12 months
  • Increase conversion to book a trip to Las Vegas, post experience.
  • Increase affinity with Las Vegas as the ‘Greatest Arena on Earth’.

The target audience were experience junkies who want to make the most out of every minute of their trip. Their likely age range was 25-34 and they are generally high-earning city dwellers. They needed an experience that would ‘give them freedom to call the shots’ and also give them a personalised output.


There was just one catch: the project had no access to arenas or talent. Our solution? To turn the camera around and make the spectators the spectacle. They became the stars of an adrenaline fuelled odyssey through the arenas of Vegas, as dictated by the user. At the end of the experience our algorithm assigned the user their Vegas personality based on the journey they’d given their spectators.

Promoted via paid media campaigns across Expedia, users were invited to step into the entertainment capital of the world by playing interactive video content of crowds at different arenas.

The playback allowed the user to make decisions about what they were viewing without any of the usual stiltedness of choose-your-own-adventure style experiences. Using a ‘double-layered’ video file that allowed users to seamlessly switch between different arena entertainment at any point during the experience, they could make moment-to-moment decisions at the tap of a thumb.

After a minute of full-throttle action the user’s choices were analysed and they were presented with their Vegas travel personality, along with a personalised itinerary for their trip to Vegas.


engagement from users on key channels such as Instagram
increase in searches to Las Vegas during the week of campaign launch.

Engagement was strong with users from key channels such as Instagram interacting for almost a minute (with ‘Romantics’ being the most popular personality type by far!)

Throughout the campaign period, Las Vegas exceeded standard campaign averages. Searches to Las Vegas grew by 6% from the US the week of campaign launch. 

Moreover, the share of midweek stays grew throughout the last weeks and both weekend share and room night share peaked in the final week.

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Advertising, Media & PR: Branded: Tourism & Leisure
Websites & Mobile Sites: Travel & Lifestyle

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