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To champion World Eat For Good Day and to create a huge planet-positive buzz on TikTok, Knorr wanted to create an anti-doom-scroll Truth & Dare game that would inspire GenZ to make daring food choices that are better for the planet, for themselves and are made delicious with Knorr.

The goal was to reach over 20 million people by providing a self-capture playground for 11 creators to capture 4x unique pieces of authentic, highly entertaining, inspirational TikToks tailored to the personality of each feed. 

We also had to deliver 8 branded films tailored for 4 different territories that highlighted Dare To Try, featuring the Creators and key messaging.


We pioneered a content-first approach, ensuring every element of engagement was worth capturing and optimised for TikTok. 

To elicit genuine enjoyment and emotional performance and to make the creator’s jobs as easy (and fun) as possible. To overdeliver with additional dynamic footage and guarantee flexibility to produce content in their own voice to ensure authenticity.


pieces of unique content
87.1 million
1.36 million

The eleven creators generated 44+ pieces of unique content that felt authentic to their own style. We overloaded them with content opportunities over two days resulting in the creators delivering more than the agreed minimum. 

To date, the campaign has earned 87.1 million impressions and over 1.36 million engagements. 

This campaign is still live and the numbers are still growing. The figures are reflective of the overall WEFGD influencer content performance.

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