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Campaign Experience Awards 2022:
Best B2B Virtual Experience
The Drum Awards 2022:
Best B2B Internal Company Event


Our brief, to bring a white paper to life, resulted in Enter Net Zero, a gamified, immersive online experience designed to get C-Suite business leaders to have their ‘lightbulb moment’ on climate, understand their impact and inspire action to explore the changes we all need to make. 

The experience transports audiences to the near-future through a 40-minute audience-led climate drama that unfolds on their computer through a ‘desktop from a carbon-neutral’ future.


We created a ‘desktop from the future’ a fully interactive desktop application that put players in the shoes of an investor in a net zero future. Their task was to take their £10,000,000 investment pot and allocate funds to the most promising companies – ensuring they were future-proof, profitable, and most importantly – environmentally sound in the long term. Through video calls, emails, meetings, pitches, news bulletins even a durational radio show, players had to be at their keenest to identify the best prospects.


Deloitteemployees experiencing ENZ in person
Net Promoter Score (excellent)
4.6 / 5
average rating

Enter Net Zero has been used to engage over 1,200 people across internal and external audiences at all levels of seniority, from client chief growth officers and ESG leaders to internal Deloitte teams and attract potential talent.

To date, over 2000 Deloitte employees have been through the in-person experience (10% of the total UK workforce), rating the experience and average 4.6 out of five stars. It’s achieved a Net Promoter Score of 62 (considered ‘excellent’).

More recently, we restaged the experience to be ‘live’ for groups of people and toured this fully staged version around the UK, complete with an interactive world, bespoke props and live performers.

Best B2B Virtual Experience
Best B2B Internal Company Event

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