Checking in?

Swamp Motel are multi-award-winning theatre and experience makers, harnessing their unique expertise to create immersive, interactive worlds for audiences and brands in the UK and internationally.

Swamp Motel have built experiences for stage, screen and live events - from product launches to immersive presentations, dining experiences to escape rooms. Providing a full range of services, from scripting, creative and design to performer bookings, production support and set builds the Motel staff are equipped to tackle any element of live events.

Creative Agency

Swamp Motel can work independently or partner with you to bring a range of experiences, shows and brand activations to life, with everything from the smallest task to full creative delivery. From ideation and scripting to casting, story and design, Swamp Motel can cover all creative aspects of a brief.

Production House

Swamp Motel have capabilities to assist or lead in any kind of production capacity, or to act as a bespoke production partner. Set builds, custom builds, carpentry, metal work, RAMS, H&S and logistics - no enquiry is unwelcome. Explore our full list of services.